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 Martina Doran Racehorse Trainer Wexford Ireland.

 Equestrian Surfaces Horse Gallops, Grass Gallops, Sand Gallops, 7 Furlong All Weather Gallops, Wexford Ireland

 Racehorse Training Facilities for Race Horses in Wexford, Ireland

 Equine Therapy, Equine Physiotherapy and Horse Therapy

 Racehorse Trainers and Race Horse Training located in County Wexford, Ireland.

 Horse race training in Ireland

 Race Horse Training Videos, videos of horses being trained for races

 Racehorse Training Winner Horses


 Racehorse Training Winner Horses

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  Equine Therapy  |  Equine Spa  |  Horse Therapy  |  Equine Rehab  |  Equine Physiotherapy  


Equine Rehab and Horse Aftercare for injured or post-surgery horses is extremely important as it will determine if your horse can perform to its full potential.

Gentle Horse Therapies help ease tension and improve circulation as well as promoting a feeling of wellbeing.

Our philosophy is such that if you want your horse to perform like a true athlete and to maximum ability, you need the animal to be supple, powerful and straight.

Our aftercare facilities and customised care programmes, provide this level of support.

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