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 Martina Doran Racehorse Trainer Wexford Ireland.

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 Racehorse Training Facilities for Race Horses in Wexford, Ireland

 Equine Therapy, Equine Physiotherapy and Horse Therapy

 Racehorse Trainers and Race Horse Training located in County Wexford, Ireland.

 Horse race training in Ireland

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 Racehorse Training Winner Horses


 Racehorse Training Winner Horses

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Case studies collated from the use of the equine Therapeutic Spa under Laboratory conditions by prof. Evan Hunt MVSC, PhD, G.Dip Ed (TERT) MRCVS at the university of Sydney Orange, have shown that the equine spa is of benefit in all the most frequent lower leg injuries to the horse:

• Tendon & Ligament Injuries
• Bone Damage i.e. sore shins
• Joint Condition
• Fractures & Splints
• Flare-up-concussion
• Laceration & lower limb infections
• Post Operative complications
• Healing of wounds
• Increased Hoof growth
• Soft Tissue damage

Most Importantly, it is a drug and chemical free therapy.

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