Railway Yard Gallops – 7 Furlong EcoTrack All Weather Gallop, 7 Furlong Sand Gallop, 7 Furlong Grass Gallop

 Martina Doran Racehorse Trainer Wexford Ireland.

 Equestrian Surfaces Horse Gallops, Grass Gallops, Sand Gallops, 7 Furlong All Weather Gallops, Wexford Ireland

 Racehorse Training Facilities for Race Horses in Wexford, Ireland

 Equine Therapy, Equine Physiotherapy and Horse Therapy

 Racehorse Trainers and Race Horse Training located in County Wexford, Ireland.

 Horse race training in Ireland

 Race Horse Training Videos, videos of horses being trained for races

 Racehorse Training Winner Horses


 Racehorse Training Winner Horses

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All horses enjoy the opportunity to unwind relax and play.

Our equestrian paddocks have lush green grass containing natural minerals.

The paddocks also consist of a sand riding area where the horses enjoy rolling around.

This freedom keeps them happy so that they can thrive and perform at their best.

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